Save bees

Save bees is an initiative to raise awareness around bees and what we need to save them as honeybees especially are in decline worldwide.

Here you will find facts, articles and videos on all things bees and especially on what you can do to help save bees! 


Help us save honeybees!

Hi! My name is Peter and I have been doing live honeybee removals and saving bees for 14 years.


My company Beegone® Live Bee Removal is the most experienced live honeybee removal in the UK. We specialise in the safe, environmentally friendly, live removal and rehoming of honeybee swarms and colonies, from structures or naturally occurring cavities. My dedicated team help me save bees all around the UK.


Honeybees are in decline worldwide and live honeybee removal from buildings is expensive. It requires building works, asbestos checks and scaffolding. We are looking for help to fund free bee removals for those who cannot afford to pay for the removal and to avoid people spraying, treating and killing bees as an alternative.


Please help us save honeybees

Our mission is to save bees and raise awareness on all things bees.

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